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I am a woman. I am a sister. I am a dork. I am a musician. I am a reader. I am a cook. I am an activist. 
I am a dancer. I am Christian. I am an east-coaster. I am a lesbian. I am a mother. I am Red Sox 
Nation. I am a shark. I am a transfer. I am a feminist. I am a nursing major. I am Muslim. I am a '09er. 
I am a Bostonian. I am a student worker. I am a student athlete. I am a professor. I am Jewish. I am a 
rocker. I am a movie buff. I am an internationalist. I am an FYE facilitator. I am happy. I am a walker. 
I am a dog lover. I am tired. I am a world traveler. I am an atheist. I am an environmentalist. I am a 
future Simmons alumna. I am an only child. I am an overachiever. I am a procrastinator. I am 
athletic. I am a student. I am a shark super fan. I am a mover and a shaker. I am a leader. I am 
conservative. I am a rebel rouser. I am a designer. I am liberal. I am American. I am a teacher. I am 
curious. I am creative. I am colorful. I am a Bartol diner. I am a shopaholic. I am a realist. I am 
listening. I am here. I am I. I am straight. I am independent. I am loving. I am spontaneous. I am shy. 
I am a best friend. I am an aunt. I am outgoing. I am anything I want to be. I am so good so good so 
good. I am an intellectual. I am an international student. I am a lover. I am quiet. I am a 
communicator. I am a first-year. I am strong. I am vocal. I am classy. I am original. I am an RA. I am 
an optimist. I am a thinker. I am devoted. I am a cat person. I am a perfectionist. I am a junior. I am a 
gardener. I am hungry. I am professional. I am hands-on. I am nutty. I am a commuter student. I am 
sustainable. I am a volunteer. I am addicted to Starbucks. I am a planner. I am a vegetarian. I am 
strong minded. I am a roommate. I am a confidant. I am loud. I am a giver. I am waiting for the D 
train. I am an ally. I am a scholar. I am a powerhouse. I am thoughtful. I am passionate. I am a 
sophomore. I am an Orientation Leader. I am a performer. I am a taker. I am a Like Mind. I am a 
granddaughter. I am overwhelmed. I am responsible. I am headstrong. I am dynamic. I am studying. I 
am hilarious. I am opinionated. I am aware. I am honest. I am resourceful. I am a wife. I am caring. I 
am considerate. I am a resident. I am on hall council. I am a workaholic. I am glamorous. I am 
unique. I am stressed. I am a dreamer. I am a handful. I am gorgeous. I am chill. I am lucky. I am a ray 
o 1 sunshine. I am a city girl. I am in the library. I am a silly goose. I am cool. I am focused. I am 
dramatic. I am a traveler. I am clever. I am young. I am a believer. I am carefree. I am. I am thankful. 
I am a wonderer. I am old. I am a photographer. I am driven. I am not apathetic. I am involved. I am 
crazy. I am free to be myself. I am a Dix Scholar. I am a tea drinker. I am a president. I am a fighter. I 
am bilingual. I am obsessive. I am jazzy. I am a reader. I am living on a prayer. I am a girlfriend. I am a 
country music fan. I am proud. I am a lady. I am a collector. I am clumsy. I am nervous. I am aware. I 
am a teammate. I am ready. I am a black Muslim woman. I am intelligent. I am high functioning. I 
am a survivor. I am a representative. I am inclusive. I am awkward. I am talented. I am dedicated. I 
am wicked smahht. I am prepared. I am true. I am single. I am great. I am a winner. I am a know-it- 
all. I am going to change the world. I am graduating early. I am a dual citizen. I am in love. I am 
okay. I am angry. I am undecided. I am positive. I am supportive. I am taking care of business. I am 
faithful. I am accepting. I am open. I am undecided. I am not patient. I am sure. I am a mentor. I am 
incredible. I am a goddess. I am a twin. I am graceful. I am not yours. I am tolerant. I am special. I am 
it. I am a free spirit. I am distracted. I am stretched thin. I am a J-walker. I am a best buddy. I am 
imaginative. I am not sorry. I am relaxed. I am a mess. I am queer. I am still waiting for the D Train. I 
am R.A.D. I am playing in the snow. I am brilliant. I am organized. I am rocking the vote. I am 
making memories. I am living my life. I am growing. I am a traditionalist. I am surprised. I am cute. I 
am an adventurer. I am sentimental. I am a humanist. I am a voice. I am priceless. I am a creator. I 
am barefoot. I am inspired. I am cultured. I am one. I am Brookline Ave. I am the next big thing. I 
am Russian. I am blue. I am a researcher. I am a biologist. I am published. I am a coffee addict. I am 
uptight. I am not super-human. I am a compassionate sister. I am just me. I am a master chef. I am 
American. I am an art historian. I am a scrapbooker. I am a classically trained violinist. I am on the 5- 
year plan. I am an elitist. I am alone. I am real. I am not lazy. I am a doer. I am a philosopher. I am a 
thinker. I am happy. I am proud to be a Simmons student. I am healthy. I am funny. I am Simmons... 

cxm cx_ 

10: 1 am an academic 

■30: 1 am a member of 2009 
56: 1 am involved 

1 14: 1 am a student athlete 
124: 1 am smiling 

This year's edition of the Microcosm is dedicated to all of us at Simmons. Despite all of our 
differences, we have one thing in common: Simmons College. This year we came one step closer to 
being the people we want to be. Simmons students share the desire to be educated at an institution 
which prizes integrity, intelligence, community, and readiness for our chosen vocations. Simmons 
College founder John Simmons' will reads: 

"It is my will to found and endow an institution to be called Simmons Female College, for the purpose of 
teaching medicine , music, drawing, designing, telegraphy, and other branches of art, science, and industry 
best calculated to enable the scholars to acquire an independent livelihood. " 

Today, education must also prepare us for world citizenship and the responsibilies inherent to being 
responsible members of our many communities. At Simmons College we have learned from many 
different perspectives about many different topics in the hope of being the best, most productive 
people we can be. This edition is for us, the Simmons College community! 

. , , : ,, 

' -f, ,, : 





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. . . . ■ . ■ :■ ■ . 

i ^ STROAfo 


♦ » • 

«• *"* r 

I am optimistic*** 

A letter from the president 

Dear Simmons Class of 2009: 

Whenever something truly momentous occurs, we all tend to remember that event 
by recalling where we were at the time it happened. For Simmons seniors, you will 
surely remember that you were here on the campus when the world-wide financial 
disaster struck. How your lives evolve after Simmons will surely be affected by what 
has transpired, but it will not be defined by it unless you allow that to happen. 

You are at a pivotal demarcation point in your own lives. How you choose to move 
forward upon leaving Simmons is entirely within your control. The fact that the 
world has financially turned upside down can be something you use to your 
advantage when others are cowed by uncertainty and fear. Making the most of a 
difficult circumstance is a challenge you will face over and over again, so learning 
to capitalize on difficulty is a skill you can use for the rest of your lives. 

The Simmons women who have gone before you are great role models for the lives 
you can live. As you go forth, keep in mind that they have faced the challenges you 
will and that they are there for you when you need to be encouraged or refreshed. 
You are joining an important and powerful sisterhood, and they welcome you with 
open arms. 

I wish you the best of everything in your future. 

Helen G. Drinan 


12: 1 am an educator 
— 22: 1 am prepared 

24: 1 am passionate 

28: I am a citizen of the world 

I am an academic 

I am a woman. I am a sister. I am a dork. I am a musician. I am a reader. I am a cook. I am an activist. 

Art & Music 

2007 - 2008 



2007 - 2008 


I am a dancer. I am Christian. I am an east-coaster. I am a lesbian. I am a mother. I am Red Sox Nation. 

Computer Science & 
Information Technology 

*•**■ mi wjff 

' - -t < 7 i-j^.*^ftii»*-2aK* 

Hi Ik 

•§* ▼ k 

1 ' MTV , ^flK 

& SI iiBkir - y '^Hi 



I am a shark. I am a transfer. I am a feminist. I am a nursing major. I am Muslim. I am a '09er. I am a 


2007 - 2008 


2007 - 2008 



Bostonian. I am a student worker. I am a student athlete. I am a professor. I am Jewish. I am a rocker. 




I am a movie buff. I am an internationalist. I am an FYE facilitator. I am happy. I am a walker. I am a dc 





)ver. I am tired. I am a world traveler. I am an atheist. I am an environmentalist. I am a future Simmons 

Women & Gender 


alumna. I am an only child. I am an overachiever. I am a procrastinator. I am athletic. I am a student. 

Faculty group photographs not available: 

Africana Studies, Chemisty, Economics, Education/Special Education, English, 
Management, Modern Languages & Literature, Physical Therapy, and Political 
Science/International Relations. 

Faculty headshots taken from the Simmons website 


I am a shark super fan. I am a mover and a shaker. I am a leader. I am conservative. I am a rebel rouser. 


hilarious. I am opinionated. I am aware. I am honest. I am resourceful. I am a wife. I am caring. I am 


:onsiderate. I am a resident. I am on hall council. I am a workaholic. I am glamorous. I am unique. lam 


I am a designer. I am liberal. I am American. I am a teacher. I am curious. I am creative. I am colorful. 

I am prepared... 

Internships at Simmons 

Internships are an integral part of the Simmons curriculum. These real- world experiences allow 
Simmons women to gain practical experience in their fields of interest, understand the daily 
demands of work, learn to take risks, make their voices stronger, build confidence, and gather 
new perspectives. Under faculty guidance, students may spend at least one semester interning at 
a company related to their academic major. Many of these internships lead to job offers. This 
year, Simmons students are exploring their passions by working at Neiman Marcus, Isabella 
Stewart Gardner Museum, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Smash Advertising, and Boston 
Magazine. Participating in internships provides Simmons students with necessary experience and 
professional connections for the rest of their lives. 


1 am a Bartol diner. I am a shopaholic. I am a realist. I am listening. I am here. I am not you. I am straight. 


I am independent. I am loving. I am spontaneous. I am shy. I am a best friend. I am an aunt. I am outgoing 


im what I want to be. I am so good, so good, so good. I am an intellectual. I am an international student. 

I am passionate.** 

Independent Study at Simmons 

Students at Simmons gain real-world experience by doing fieldwork and other forms of 
independent study, fulfilling the graduation requirement. The possibilities for fieldwork are 
numerous and focus on research or other applied learning experiences in any field or area of 
study. With faculty assistance, many students develop independent study projects on 
subjects of their choice. These projects require motivation, self-discipline, and innovative 
thinking, as students meet infrequently with their advisors and are mostly self-directed, 
depending on the subject. The independent study experience is often a precursor to an 
optional thesis, which is available to students as a culminating project with tangible results. 
Some departments require students to complete a thesis in order to receive Honors in that 
subject. Whether or not students choose to write a thesis, the Simmons independent study 
experience allows students to gain experience in a topic of interest beyond what they learn 
in the classroom. 


I am a lover. I am quiet. I am a communicator. I am a first-year. I am strong. I am vocal. I am classy. I am 


nal. I am an RA. I am an optimist. I am a thinker. I am devoted. I am a cat person. I am perfect as is. 

I Reciuce 'ftefcVW 

I am green* ♦♦ 

the new School of Managment building 

This semester, the Simmons School of Management (SOM) 
moved into a new building on the academic campus. Dean 
Deborah Merrill-Sands described the move as "the most 
exciting change thats happened to the School of Management 
in decades." Previously the Simmons management program was 
divided between two separate campuses: the graduate students 
and faculty at 409 Commonwealth Avenue and the 
undergraduate students and faculty in a wing of the Main 
College Building. Now, the two branches are together in the 
new, environment-friendly building. 

Merrill-Sands expects the building to give the management 
programs more of a presence on campus, and hopes more 
undergraduate students will consider management as a major. 

The new building is the first at Simmons to be built in 
accordance with the U.S. Green Building Councils Leadership 
in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. The 
LEED standards are a set of sustainability specifications that set 
the national standard for high-performance, sustainable, and 
energy-efficient buildings. Simmons has applied for LEED 
Silver certification and, if approved, will be the fourth higher 
education institution in the Boston area to have a building 
certified at the Silver level or higher. 

The new building consumes 34 percent less water and 38 
percent less energy than a non-certified like-sized building 
would. Some features include dual-flush toilets, bike racks, 
electronically controlled heating and cooling systems, and 
recyclable collection areas throughout the building. Ten 
percent of the content of all building materials were from 
recycled materials, and 92 percent of the construction waste 
was either recycled or reused. 

Most importantly, bringing the SOM to 300 The Fenway 
unites all of the Simmons schools in one location, linked by a 
brand-new campus quad. 

Text written by Kelly Bell 


I am a perfectionist. I am a junior. I am a gardener. I am hungry. I am professional. I am hands-on. I 



I nmuter student. I am nutty. I am sustainable. I am a volunteer. I am a Starbucks addict. I am a planner. I 

I am a citizen of the world* ♦♦ 

Study Abroad through Simmons 

This was the tenth consecutive year of Simmons study 
abroad courses. Under the direction of a Simmons faculty 
member, many students participated in an intensive study 
abroad course for two to four weeks after meeting during the 
previous semester as preparation. In January 2009, David 
Gullette, Jean Christoffersen, and Toni Tasker took students 
to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua for Service Learning courses. 
In May-June 2009, students studied a variety of disciplines in 
India, Brazil, Austria, Central Europe, China, Egypt, 
England, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, 
Washington D.C., and Ghana. The Summer 2009 programs 
visited Romania and South Korea. Simmons students also 
participated in Colleges of the Fenway and other schools' 
study abroad courses. 

Even though Simmons does not offer our own semester- long 
programs, our students are encouraged to discover more 
about their chosen discipline through travel with other 
universities. It is common for an Arts Administration 
student to spend a semester in Italy, or an Economics major 
to go to London. 


■32: 1 am the class of 2009 
34: 1 am remembered 

-50: 1 am honored 
54: 1 am incognito 

I am a member of 2009 

am a vegetarian. I am strong-minded. I am a roommate. I am a confidant. I am loud. I am waiting for ti 

I am the Class of 2009... 

Senior Class Council members and events 

Seniors managed to balance academics, 
extracurricular activities, and internships 
while finding time for fun through events 
such as the Witches Brew, held this year 
at the Beacon Street Tavern, and the 
Bertuccis fundraiser. Seniors marked the 
countdown to Commencement with a 99 
days party at Felt and a 50 days party at 
the Improv Asylum, both had a good 
turnout. Other traditional events like the 
Senior/Faculty Toast and Senior/Faculty 
Banquet reinforced the cherished 
relationships between students and faculty 
members nurtured during the seniors time 
at Simmons. October's Toast brought 300 
students and faculty members together in 
the Linda K. Paresky Conference Center 
to kick off the academic year. They came 
together again at the end of the year for 
the Senior/Faculty Banquet, held in 
Bartol Hall. 


train. I am a giver. I am an ally. I am a scholar. I am a powerhouse. I am thoughtful. I am passionate. 

R-L: Samantha Furbush, SGA Rep.; Katherine Swanson, Treasurer; Jessica 
Kowalski, President; Stephanie Cameron, Secretary; Rahala Alam, VP. 


I am a sophomore. I am an Orientation Leader. I am a performer. I am a taker. I am a Like Mind. I am 

Jessica Ackley 


Chantel Adams 


Christelle Adrien 


Amanda Aicardi 


Kholoud Al-Dabal 


Suhad Al-Faddagh 


Rahala Alam 



■ .j^BK<tf> 

^Et - 

" M 



Maha Alsweilem 


Vanessa Alviti 

English & 

Courtney Anderson 

Political Science & 
women's studies 

Kirstin Anderson 


Jona Angjeli 

Political Science & 



Brett Archambault 


Alyssa Arevalo 


Public Relations & 


Keri-Ann Arsenault 


Felicia Au 


Relations & East Asian 


Tammy Auyeung 


Karolina Ballester Beatrice Bamikole 

Education & Nursing 

Foreign Languages 
& Literature 

Mercedes Barata 


Relations & Social 



anddaughter. I am overwhelmed. I am responsible. I am headstrong. I am dynamic. I am studying. I am 

Ellen Barnicle 


Caitlin Barrett 


Deborah Bass 


Celeste Bea 


Kristy Beaudoin 


France Belizaire 

Sociology & Social 

Sarah Bertin 


Cecelia Bittner 


Michelle Bleimeyer 


Katie Bonney 


Erica Boswell 


Adrienne Boudreau 


Amanda Bowes 

Arts Administration 

Keely Brinchman 

Math & Education 

Krista Bromley 


Dawne Brown 


Rebecca Brown Shannon Brown Amanda Bryan- 
communications French, Communicaions: Brown 

Writing & Arts Nursing 


Elisabeth Buell 

PR & Marketing 


stressed. I am a dreamer. I am a handful. I am gorgeous. I am chill. I am lucky. I am a ray o' sunshine. I am 

Catherine Burns Hannah Bushway 

Arts Administration: Psychobiology & 
Marketing Spanish 

Corie Bussell 


Stephanie Cameron Brittany Cassidy 

History Biology 

& Political Science 

Lisa Castonguay 

Economics & Finance 

Kaitlin Caulfield Catrina Cavanaugh Alyssa Chaggaris Christine Chaisson 

Marketing Nursing Nursing Psychology 

Kaitlin Chakoian 


& Social Justice 

Nicole Chenard 


Allina Christian 


Sharon Chy 


Sarah Clayton 

Physical Therapy 

Jessica Collette 

Retail Management 

Michele Como Kathleen Connolly Amy Conti 

Nursing Nursing Music & Psychology 

Lucia Cordon 

& Political Science 


litygirl. I am in the library. I am a silly goose. I am cool. I am focused. I am dramatic. I am a traveler. I 

Ana Cordova 

Art & Music 
& East Asian Studies 

Elizabeth Cortez- 


Helida Costa 

Economics & 
International Relations 

Danielle Cottone 

Psychology & 
Political Science 

Kelly Coughlan 

Physical Therapy 

Catharine Cummings 


Lauren Dalton 


Freya Damrell 

Relations & French 

Sarah Danforth 


Kelly Daniels 


Maia De Porte 


Brenna Decotis 

English & Foreign 
Languages & Literature 


Nursing & Spanish 

Maneth Dethchan- 

Managment: Finance 

Jenna Devito 


Ary Diaz 


Rocio Diaz 


Katherine Dickey 

Political Science & 
International Relations 


Psychology & 

Laura Doran 



I am clever. I am young. I am a believer. I am carefree. I am. I am thankful. I am a wonderer. I am old. 

Lindsay Douglas 


Jennifer Dovner 




Melissa Dress 


Jennifer Dubois 


Rebecca Dumont 

Art & Music 
& Education 

Lan Duong 


Amy Eicher 


Alison Engel 


Aiissa Engel 

Physical Therapy 



Communications & 

Jennifer Erviti 

Computer Science 

Lindsay Fawber 


Maryum Floyd 


Yoldy Eugene 


Amy Foley 

Arts Administration 
& English 

Jessica Faria 


Micaela Foley 


Traci Farrell 


Hillary Forbes 



m a photographer. I am driven. I am not apathetic. I am involved. I am crazy. I am free to be myself. I 

Jennifer Fox 


Ava Fragale 

& Psychology 

Rachel Franchi Samantha Furbush Whitney Caglio 

Biochemistry Arts Administration: Communications 


i II 

Christina Cancarz 


Marie Cay 


Ana Cetiashvili 

Economics & 



Monali Gidwani 

Biochemistry & 
Physical Therapy 

Marisa Glick 

Communications & 

Jennifer Cordon 


Amy Coudreau 


Pamela Griffin 


Zinta Gulens-Grava 


Shannon Gwinn 


Jessica Haffner 


Ariel Hagan 

Arts Administrations: 

Erin Halpin 


Bridget Hanagan 

Economics & 
International Relations 

Leah Hanson 

Economics & 


am a Dix Scholar. I am a tea drinker. I am a president. I am a fighter. I am bilingual. I am obsessive. I 

Amanda Harrow 


Jessica Haskin 

Education & 

Sara Haslam 


Sara Hassard 

Political Science & 

Caitriona Hastings 


Carolyn Hastings Catherine Heller 

Psychobiology Management: 




Julia Herman 


Lauren Hipschman 


Alessandra Hobler 


Hillary Hogan 

PR & Marketing 

Charlene Hollins 


Courtney Hora 


Jocelyn Hotte 

Graphic Design 

Sarah Hoyt 


Laila Hussain 


Salihah Ismail 


Mariam Jalalzada 

Economics & 
International Relations 

Leah Johnson 

History & Education 


ijl ;y. I am a reader. I am living on a prayer. I am a girlfriend. I am a country music fan. I am proud. I am 

Ingrid Kania 

Society & Health 

m r 

Robin Kaufman 


Emily Keller Elizabeth Kennerley Meghan Kenney 

Education & History Society & Health Biology 

Sarah Khalil 



Economics & 
International Relations 

Tara Kiacolai 


Jessica Kowalski 

History & 
Political Science 

Lauren Kreckie 

Education & 

Chau Kimberly Le 

Marketing & 

Alison Koegler 


Stacey Kohan 


Brianne LeDuc 


Christina Lenis 


Tenille Lesse 


Wendy Leung 


Marina Levkovich 

Physical Therapy 

Sarah Lewis 

Shavel Loungs 

Physical Therapy 


a lady. I am a collector. I am clumsy. I am nervous. I am aware. I am a teammate. I am ready. I am a 

Heather Lowe 


Darline Lucien 


Sara Ludovissy 


Bethany Lunsford Crystal Mackie 

Management: Sociology 


Nicole Marden 


Kathryn Mardin 

Relations & French 

Megan McCaughey 

Education & 

Sarah McCue 


Elise Marshall 


Jessica Mavroides 

Political Science & 

Susan Mazalan 


Eileen McDonald Kathleen McFadden Kathryn McChee 

Economics & Nursing Studio Art & 

Mathematics interactional Relations 

Morgan Kathleen McKendry Elizabeth Menefee Kara Messenger Jacqueline Metjian 

McCilliCUddy communications Biology Management: Nursing 




V :k Muslim woman. I am intelligent. I am high functioning. I am a survivor. I am a representative. I 

Marisha Mikell 


Elianna Miller 


Tara Mitchell 


Shaida Mohamed 

integrated Media 

Laura Moody 


Amanda Mooers Julia Anne Morrison Hannah Morrow 

English Nursing Communications: 

integrated Media & 

Michelle Morton 


Martha Mosco 


Ashlee Moskwa 

Kristine Movalli 


Shavonne Munnlyn Melina Munoz 

History Sociology 

Kathryn Murphy 

Physical Therapy 

Kinski Nastasia 


Rachel Nelson 

Psychology & 

Nabila Newaz 


Cherrelle Norris 


Claire O'connor 

Special Education & 


am inclusive. I am awkward. I am talented. I am dedicated. I am wicked smahht. I am prepared. I am trvi 

Janine Ohnemus Hannah Owens-Pike Elisabeth Pad 

Mathematics & Nursing Management 


Caryn Padowitz 


Amy Pasqualucci 


Elizabeth Pattison 

Art & Music 

Cristine Pecora 


Yasmin Perez 


Juliane Paradise 


Christine Peterson 

Psychology & 
Special Education 

Gillian Petrozziello 


Kaitlyn Proto 


Ashley Pettit 


Amal Piracha 

Economics & 

Jillian Pollock 


Linda Poteau 


Kavetha Ranjit 


Lauren Roether 


Caroline Rogalski Vaughn Rogers 

Nutrition English: Writing 


if n single. I am great. I am a winner. I am a know-it-all. I am going to change the world. I am graduating. 

Catalina Rojo 

Public Relations & 
Art History 

Annie Rothweiler Jasmine Russo 

Society & Health Nursing 

Daniela Saldana Elizabeth Sambuco 

Managment: Communications 


Abigail Samsel 

Art, Education 
& History 

Roya Sanieoff 


Sopheak Sar 


Jennifer Schlosser Elisabeth Schwarz 

Arts Administration Biochemistry 

Lauren Searls 

Lily Shaw 

Ashley Shea 

Catherine Shea 

Anna Sherry 



Physical Therapy 

Biochemistry & 


Kavita Siegel Howe 

Women's Studies 

Ann Simeoli 


Antigoni Sinanis 


Emily Slocum 

Arts Administration: 

Hannah Small 



early. I am a dual citizen. I am in love. I am okay. I am angry. I am undecided. I am positive. I am one.. 

Katharine Small 


Samantha Smith 


Priscila Sousa 

Political Science 

Katelyn souza 


Kristen Souza 

Health Studies 

Sarah Spurr 


Eleni stefanopoulos Priyanka Subash 

Communications & Psychology 


Larisa Svirsky 

Philosophy & 

Courtney Swan 


Katherine Swanson Courtney Sweet 

Psychology & Nursing 


Helen Terra 


Yvette Tetreault Laura Thompson 

History Nursing 

Marine Vallet 

Political Science & 
international Relation 

Ana Vasquez 

Political Science 

Elizabeth Vaughan 

Arts Administration 
& Photography 

Sarah Wachter 

History & 

Tiffany Wang 



m supportive. I am taking care of business. I am faithful. I am accepting. I am open. I am undecided. I 

Jocelyn ward 


Kassia Ware 


Allison wescott 


Katherine willetts 


Julie wood 

Psychology & 

Ashley Yancey 


Jessica Yeich 


Christine Zeiner Heather Zengilowski 

Spanish Political Science & 


Rasha Zahid 


Hui MinZhao 


Mariyam Zahran 

Nutrition & Food 

Erica Zorn 

Art & Nursing 

Maria Zaman 


Relations & Political 


Danielle Zuber 

Education & 


Main College Building, Nov- 2008 

I am a J-walker. I am a best buddy. I am imaginative. I am not sorry. I am relaxed. I am a mess. I am qiiet 

I am honored* ♦♦ 

Honors Convocation 

Classes were cancelled on the afternoon of 
September 10th, 2008 so that all Simmons 
students and faculty could attend the Honors 
Convocation in the Holmes Sports Center. The 
event, which was originally called "Founders Day," 
now has several meanings. While Honors 
Convocation still honors Simmons College 
founder John Simmons, it is also a celebration of 
the graduating class, Dean's List students, and 
entering first-year students. Students, faculty, and 
staff watched as Simmons seniors entered the 
gymnasium donning their caps and gowns for the 
first time. 

Several administrators, including President Helen 
Drinan, gave a welcome address. A speech by 
Loung Ung, author of Lucky Child, followed, as she 
delivered heartfelt advice to Simmons students. 
Ung, having lost her parents and several siblings to 
the Cambodian genocide, reminded students not 
to forget the importance of spending time with 
their families. 

As a new tradition, for the first time Simmons 
seniors presented the incoming first-year students 
with Simmons Class of 2012 pins to wear at their 
own graduation. The ceremony was followed by 
an outdoor reception. 


ji im still waiting for the D Train. I am R. A.D. I am playing in the snow. I am brilliant. I am organized. I 


am rocking the vote. I am making memories. I am living my life. I am growing. I am a traditionalist. I arm 


rprised. I am cute. I am an adventurer. I am sentimental. I am a humanist. I am a voice. I am priceless. 

I am celebrating* ♦♦ 

Senior /Faculty Toast 

Fifty bottles of champagne disappeared in less than 
an hour as members of the Simmons community 
celebrated at the Senior/Faculty Toast. The event 
took place in the Linda K. Paresky Conference 
Center on Oct. 22. Doors opened at 5:30 p.m. and 
people stayed until the last drop of champagne was 
gone. Members of the senior class spoke, including 
President Jessica Kowalski and Vice President 
Rahala Alam. Sheila Murphy, Dean for Student 
Life, gave remarks on behalf of the college. Professor 
Sarah Leonard spoke about her hopes for the senior 
class and toasted to the road ahead. 

Students mingled with their professors while a slide 
show of pictures played in the background. In 
addition to the champagne, there was a fondue 
table, cheese, crackers, and fruit. The toast is one of 
the many senior events that takes place at Simmons 
each academic year. 

Text by Hannah Morrow 


I am a creator. I am barefoot. I am inspired. I am cultured. I am one. I am Brookline Ave. I am the next 

I am incognito, ♦♦ 

Witches ' Brew 

Witches' Brew took place this year at 
the Beacon Street Tavern, 1032 
Beacon Street, from 8-10 p.m. on 
October 30, 2008. Senior Simmons 
students gathered in tavern to socialize 
at this popular annual masquerade 
party. More than fifty senior students 
packed the small room. The bartender, 
a Simmons alumna, served a special 
"witches' brew" created for Simmons. 

Amazing appetizers cooked by Tavern 
staff included vegetarian spring rolls, 
duck dumplings, calamari, and a variety 
of other savory delights. Students wore 
elaborate and festive costumes to 
celebrate Halloween, senior year, and 
the end of midterms. 

This successful event was planned by 
the Senior Council and was only the 
beginning of a series of exciting senior 
events for the class of 2009. 


1| ; thing. I am Russian. I am blue. I am a researcher. I am a biologist. I am published. I am a coffee addict. 


58: 1 am an underclasswoman 

72:1 am against hate 

82: I am the change 

84: 1 am a member 

I am involved 

I am uptight. I am not super-human. I am a compassionate sister. I am just me. I am a master chef. I arrif 

I am the Class of 20 10~* 

Junior Class Council members and events 

L-R: Brienne Black, Jacqui Mimno, Sarah Hewitt, Not pictured: Joanna Senville, Lara Shugom 

Representing the Class of 2010 has been a great experience! The Class Council of 2010 has devoted 
the 2008-2009 academic year to organizing unifying and charitable activities for the community. 
Through fun events like pumpkin painting, can drives, and bakes sales to raise money for charity the 
Class of 2010 has tightened the bond between the Junior class and both the Simmons College and 
Boston communities. 



Ajj L erican. I am an art historian. I am a scrapbooker. I am a classically trained violinist. I am on the 5 -year 


plan. I am an elitist. I am alone. I am real. I am not lazy. I am a doer. I am a philosopher. I am a thinker 


at happy. I am proud to be a Simmons student. I am healthy. I am funny. I am just starting. I am Res Life. 

I am the Class of 201 !♦♦♦ 

Sophomore Class Council memembers and events 

This year the Class Council of 201 1 
hosted the first Late Night Cookies 'n 
Cocoa event. We provided hot 
chocolate and cookies to decorate as a 
way to de stress during the late hours 
of studying. We also sponsored two 
bake sales one co-sponsored with the 
Class of 2012. We are hosting May 
Day which has been a Simmons 
tradition for almost 100 years. This 
year May Day was based on the idea of 
spring renewal and a healthy new you. 
To keep things busy we hosted a Salsa 
Cruise collaborated with BSO, Class 
of 2010, the Economics Liaison, and 
OLA on May 1st. We have also 
designed an official t-shirt for our class 
members and anyone in the Simmons 

President: Gabrielle Rossetti 
Vice President: Maria Pantelis 
Treasurer: Claudia Willett 
Secretary: Natalia Sullivan 
Technologist: Michele Bennett 
Publicity Rep: Taylor Pederson 


I am earth-friendly. I am caring. I am involved. I am successful. I am a part of history. I am a world- travele 


S m strong. I am short. I am involved in way too many activities. I am a photographer. I am researching. 

am the Class of 2012... 

First-year Class Council members and events 

L-R: Stephanie Hunt, Mary Simeoli, Emily Doyon, Katrina Thistle. 

With a new academic year came a new group of Simmons women. The Class of 2012 arrived on 
campus ready for a challenging, fulfilling, and fantastic year ahead. They wasted no time in 
getting involved with their new community, assuming leadership roles in their Class Council, 
Hall Councils, the Student Government Association, and various other Simmons organizations. 

With the help of the wonderful Simmons staff, the Class Council of 2012 successfully sponsored 
the annual Winter Wonderland dinner on December 3rd. The Simmons tradition provided 
students, faculty, and staff with a chance to get together and enjoy holiday themed cuisine, music, 
and decorations. 

Members of the Class of 2012 got to know one another through shared classes, community events, 
group outings, and lazy days in the dorms. In their first year at Simmons, they adjusted to college' 
level work, made new friends, and began to make their mark. With their first-year jitters behind 
them and a new place to call home, the Class of 2012 looks forward to their future years at 


I am a work-in-progress. I am learning. I am a singer. I am a leader. I am a music junkie. I am a strategic 

Sheila Murphy, Joanna Conroy, Perri Shapiro Gordon, Sarah Neil, Valerie Foster, Lisa Smith McQueeni 

The Office of the Dean for Student Life is an integral part of the College. The Office coordinates 
programs and services to enhance students experiences during their time at Simmons, and the supportive 
staff is available to help students in any way they can. 

The Office of the Dean for Student Life is comprised of the Athletics Department, Counseling Center, 
Health Center, Health Education Program, Office of Residence Life, Office of Leadership and First-year 
Programs, Office of Student Activities, and Office of Spiritual Life. The Deans office also oversees 
programs such as international, ALANA, and Dix student advising; domestic exchange; parents council; 
advice on leaves of absence; and other interests and concerns. 


im Southern. I am passionate. I am here for you. I am open-minded. I am adventurous. I am a historian. 

am a support 

♦ ♦♦ 

The Dean of Student Life 


I am a woman. I am a sister. I am a dork. I am a musician. I am a reader. I am a cook. I am an activist. 


im a dancer. I am Christian. I am an east-coaster. I am a lesbian. I am a mother. I am Red Sox Nation. 

I am spiritual* ♦♦ 

Office of Spiritual Life 

The Office of Spiritual Life at Simmons 
facilitates the spiritual development and needs 
of students, provides and coordinates activities 
to promote human development and leadership 
skills, encourage the development of a sacred 
consciousness and social responsibility, make 
available opportunities for students to serve 
people in need through community service, offer 
referrals to local houses of worship, offer a 
listening ear, and provide opportunities for 
interfaith, inter-cultural and inter-generational 
programming and dialogue. 

This year the Office of Spiritual Life welcomed 
three new chaplins: Mary Lahaj, Jen Roy, and 
Melinda Weekes in addition to Ailene 
Gerhardt, the Hillel Director. 

The Office of Spiritual Life this year put on and 
co-sponsored many events this year including: 
Festival of Lights, Pancake Day, Purple for 
Peace, Headscarves Against Hate, and the 
Chocolate Seder, to name a few. 


I am independent. I am liberal. I am indecisive. I am Swedish. I am a filmmaker. I am a creator. 1 am a 

I am a support 

The Office of Student Leadership and Activities 


:ommunicator. I am Greek. I am a Vagina Warrior. I am a witch. I am fabulous. I am an advocate. I am 

Erin O'Connor, Director; Leah Derderian, '10, Orientation Chair; Susan Chudd and 
Michelle Vital, Assistant Directors 

The Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA) coordinates programs throughout the year to 
enrich the Simmons College experience and encourage active campus life at Simmons. One of the most 
popular is Family Weekend, an annual event in which students are encouraged to share their experiences 
at college with their families. This year's Family Weekend featured a trolley tour of Boston by Beantown 
Trolley, in which some members of the OSLA staff participated. Another important tradition is the 
Colleges of the Fenway Spring Week and Carnival, a week at the end of the school year concluding with 
a carnival held on campus, in which the six Colleges of the Fenway celebrate the end of the year. OSLA 
also manages the Student Center, which is home to organization offices, student publications, and the 
Student Box Office. Leah Derderian, a Simmons junior, was the Orientation Chair this year, planning 
student orientation during the summer. OSLA also oversees the Emerging Leaders Program, the Student 
Leadership Selection Process, and provides leadership development and support to student organizations. 
OSLA is an essential part of the Simmons community, helping the student organizations work together 
to provide activities and events for Simmons students and the broader community. 


whole. I am a president. I am America's next top model. I am from New Hampshire. I am the future. I 

I am Res Life*** 

The Office of Residence Life 

The Office of Residence Life aims to provide Simmons students with a safe and supportive home away from 
home. Each year, Resident Directors and Assistants plan activities and events that encourage students to 
become a part of their community while enriching their academic and personal experiences. Throughout 
the year, students are encouraged to participate in competitions between halls for the Simmons Cup. Some 
of the events include a cookie bake-off, Festival of Lights, Simmons Rockstar, and a field day event, that 
creates a fun rivalry between halls. 

In fall of 2008, the residents of Morse Hall created a Shock Factor Wall, where students posted their 
reactions to the recent incidents of hate. The first floor lobby was covered from wall to wall with messages 
of comfort to the victim and individual community members' reactions to the incident. This wall stayed up 
for a month, after which it was eventually moved to the academic campus for all members of the Simmons 
community to see. These messages were emotional, heartfelt, shocking, and showed that Simmons students 
unite in trying times. 

Jessica Faulk - Director, Kathy Mutchler - Administrative Assitant, Rebecca Garcia - RD, Danielle 
Zuber, Ruta Minotas, Ryan Grant - RD, Claire O'Connor, Alicia Lochard, Katie-Ann Defillipo, Ashley 
Boltrushek - RD, Daisy Ellisor, Necy Lopes, Amie Viera, Melissa Bert - RD, Sarah Spurr, Elizabeth 
Menefee, Takara Larsen - RD, Meghana Kamineni, Amber Wilmot, Heidi Morin, Annie Lifvergren, 
Jennifer Smialek - RD, Colleen Picard, Stephanie Cameron, Quinn Retmier, Sarah McCue, Peter 
Bernick, Liz Greenberg - RD, Kaitlin Faticoni, Sierra Connell, Gabriella Rossetti, Shavel Loungs, 
Meredith Blake, Emma Lemire, Melissa Bert, Katherine Brooks, Chantel Adams, Katie Lynk-Wartman - 
RD, Colleen Dunn, Sergina Cadet, Crystal Carroll, Nicole Field 


n small. I am beautiful. I am sexy. I am determined. I am Italian. I am English. I am a Bob White fan. I 


am a rocker. I am a Catholic. I am impossible. I am creative. I am ready to go. I am a graduate. I am a siste 

I am pro-love... I 

Like Minds Coalition & I 

the Students Against Hate Movement 

In spring 2008, hate crimes took place on campus in 
which students were targeted based on race, religion, 
and sexual orientation. The students were greatly 
saddened and disappointed by these events, and took 
action launching a campaign of posters and buttons, 
which were distributed throughout the main and 
residential campuses. The main theme was "Not in 
my hall, not in my home, not at my Simmons." 

In fall of 2008, when more incidents of hate were 
reported, students were shocked and ready to once 
again fight back through peaceful movements such as 
Sit Down to Stand Up, a six-hour sit-in at Java City. 
The Like Minds Coalition, a Student Government 
Association-run group took charge and organized a 
Bartol takeover, in which the coalition let it be 
known that Simmons will not tolerate hate. They 
distributed contracts for students to sign to declare 
that they also would not tolerate hate. The Muslim 
community also expressed their opposition to hate 
with Head Scarves Against Hate, an event in which 
they distributed headscarves to the student body for 
students to wear. This coincided with a community 
forum that was organized by the faculty of the college 
to address the incidents and explain the action the 
college was taking to combat the incidents of hate. 
Facebook groups were created, and the membership 
in these groups reached large numbers. The Simmons 
College community demonstrated that we will not 
tolerate hate. 


;m gorgeous. I am a Bostonian. I am a Southern belle. I am against hate. I am above average. I am an 


Orientation Leader. I am a swimmer. I am a hottie. I am an auntie. I am fighter. I am a survivor. I am 

I am a support* ♦♦ 

Orientation and First Year Experience I 

Orientation and FYE classes helped first-year students and new transfer students make friends and 
become acquainted with Simmons. Prior to Fall Orientation, Orientation Leaders communicated with 
incoming students via email and Facebook. During the Fall Orientation students participated in many 
activities to share their interests and introduce them to other new students. Activities varied depending 
on the orientation group, but students had the opportunity to get to know Boston as well as Simmons. 
During Orientation first-year students were required to meet with their academic advisor and had the 
opportunity to learn about the many resources that would assist them during their time at Simmons. 
The Office of Student Leadership and Activities worked hard to make sure that orientation went 
smoothly. The success of this event was due in large part to Leah Derderian, class of '10, this year's 
Orientation Chair. 

First- Year Experience (F.Y.E) is the class that introduces Simmons students to the resources and 
opportunities available to them at Simmons. This class focused on different themes each week, and 
brought students together to talk about their successes and difficulties during their first semester. 


ff 2. I am the best. I am a woman. I am a friend. I am Beacon Street. I am the party. I am sassy. I am in 

Orientation Leaders and FYE Facilitators: 

Alicia Kitchel, Alison Cavicchio, Allison Pazar, Amanda Aicardi, Amie Vieira, Annie Rothweiler, 
Arianne Napier, Becca Crosswaith, Brenna DeCotis, Caitlin O'Neil, Carisa Weaver, Charlotte Badler, 
Eileen Hurley, Elysia Hamelin, Emily Crowell, Erica Moura, Gabi DiGiandomenico, Heather 
Concannon, Hillary Forbes, Jai-me Potter, Jenny Fox, Jessica Kowalski, Kaitlin Chakoian, Kathlene 
Benner, Kathleen Stevens, Katie Barker, Kari Phillips, Kelsey Cross Whitaker, Krista M. Bromley, Kristy 
Beaudoin, Leslie Ann Hynes, Lynne Passanisi, Mellap Murila, Pamela Griffin, Quinn Retmier, Raya Abi 
Rafeh, Sam Furbush, Sarah Faulkner, Sarah Mack, Sarah Newsky, Valerie Duvelson, Victoria Ross 


control. I am a good driver. I am a Celtics fan. I am a shopaholic. I am gone with the wind. I am outspokly 

I am family*** 

Family Involvement 

Family is one of the most important things to a Simmons 
undergrad. They have been involved from the first day of the 
semester, when family and friends helped students move into 
their new homes. 

Families continued to be involved during the semester as they 
visited for weekends and special events. Family Weekend 2008 
took place on October 17-19. This was another chance for 
parents to reunite with their daughters. This year's Family 
Weekend activities, planned by the Office of Student Life, 
included yoga, lectures by professors, a trolley tour of Boston, 
and dinner at Vinny T's. A highlight of the weekend was the 
annual President's Brunch, held at the Boston Sheraton, where 
President Drinan formally greeted Simmons family-members. 
These activities allowed students to share their interests with 
family members, and gave the families a taste of life at Simmons. 

On Friday evening of Family Weekend, the Simmons Crew Boat 
Naming ceremony took place to celebrate 30 years of Simmons 
Crew and dedicate the new rowing shell. This took place in 
preparation for the Head of the Charles Regatta on the 
following Saturday and Sunday. 

At the Regatta, which is always attended by many Simmons 
families in support of Simmons Crew, the crew team surpassed 
their previous records and won big in the competition. 

Of course, parents were not the only ones invited to Simmons 
during the year. Many friends of students visited the campus 
also. This enabled students to expand their "family" of friends 
and meet students from other colleges in the area. 

One of the most important families on the campus is the 
Simmons family, made up of students, faculty and staff. To many 
students, Simmons is a home away from home, with a new and 
more diverse family. 


I m courageous. I am able to laugh in the face of adversity. I am quick to learn. I am quick to help. I am 


not just my major. I am living to the fullest. I am growing every day. I am loving life. I am designing myi 

I am a volunteer* ♦♦ 

The Scott/Ross Center for Community Service 

The Scott/Ross Center facilitates service learning for the members of the community through its 
partnerships with schools and other organizations throughout the Greater Boston Community. These 
programs are often implemented in courses, in which students are asked to participate in Service 
Learning to reinforce the classroom curriculum with hands-on experience. 

In the fall, the Scott/Ross Center hosts a safe Halloween party for the children who participate in the 
programs. Many of these children come from places where it is not safe to go trick-or-treating and this 
party provides them with a safe place to celebrate the holiday. The children are attend the party 
dressed in costume, and many Simmons students working wear costumes. 

Back Row: Daren Graves, Carolyn Grimes, Allison Lakomski, Kat Johnson, Steve London. Front Row: 
Desirae Simmons, Michelle Stert Barrett, Amira Shouman. 


ture. I am modern. I am radical. I am free. I am altered. I am logical. I am awesome. I am unstoppable. 

Community Partners & 
Service Based Organizations 

America Counts 

America Reads 

Beacon Academy 

Big Sister Association 

Boston Cares 

Boston Latin 

Casa Nueva Vida 


Citizens Schools 

City on a Hill 

Community Servings 

Curriculum Enrichment 

Farragut Afterschool Program 

Girl Scouts 

Girls' LEAP Self Defense 

Greater Egleston High School 

Health Education @ Simmons 

Homes For Families 

Hyde Square Task Force 

Jamaica Plain Headstart 



Mass. Mentoring Partnership 

Mount Pleasant 

Peace Games 

Rosie's Place 

Simmons ESL Community Program 

Sociedad Latina 

Special Olympics 


Saint Francis House 

Steppingstone Foundation 

Steps to Success 

Strong Women, Strong Girls 


Urban Ecology Institute 

Women's Lunch Place 

YMCA International Learning Center 

YMCA Youth and Government 


am an exchange student. I am amazing. I am funny. I am adventurous. I am energetic. I am hopeful. I ai 

2008-2009 SGA Executive Board: France Belizaire, President; Shelaigh Hyde, Treasurer; Aliaa 
Ghonim, Vice President (Fall Semester); Necy Lopes, Like Minds Chair; Valerie Duvelson, Student 
Affairs Officer (Fall Semester); Alicia Jade Lochard, Academic Affairs Officer. 

SGA represents the executive branch of the entire student body. The primary focus of SGA is to meet as i 
board regularly to discuss relevant bureaucratic matters within the student body as well as within the 
administration. Under the Student Government exists six committees: Awards/ Nominations, Election, 
Student Finance Board, Student Advisors on Multiculturalism, Academic Affairs, and Women's College 
Week Committees. SGA also brings most organizations together through weekly Senate meetings. The 
theme for this year's senate was A.C.T.I.O.N. 

In the fall, when the community was dealing with incidents of hate that happened on campus, the SGA's 
Like Minds Coalition took over Bartol to share their disdain for the events that had occurred. France 
Belizaire, spoke out at this meeting, and allowed Simmons a glimpse at her emotions, as she was brought t< 

The members of the SGA are leaders, who do a lot of behind-the'Scenes work for the communtiy. Dean ol 
Student Life, Sheila Murphy, often attends meetings to discuss the vision for Simmons' future. These 
women are unafraid to express concerns to the administration, and to discuss the positive outcomes from 
those plans. 


telligent. Je suis ici. I am an animal lover. I am a dancer. I am a gymnast. I am a shopper. I am a cereal 

♦ ♦♦ 

am a representative 

Student Government Association 


addict. I am substance-free. I am an overachiever. I am beautiful. I am a diva. I am a talker. I am a garden 


am extroverted. I am a Dix Scholar. I am an American. I am agnostic. I am a success. I am gracious. I 







I am the change* ♦♦ 

The Presidential Election 2008 

Barack Obama brought the historic 2008 election to a close with a stunning 
victory on Nov. 4. Obama, the Democratic nominee for president, won 364 
electoral votes, while his opponent, Republican candidate John McCain, 
won 163. The Democratic Party also celebrated a 57 seat majority in the 
Senate, and a 255 seat majority in the House of Representatives. 

Obama goes down in the record books not only as the first black man 
elected president, but also as a major factor in the record-breaking voter 
turnout. The voter turnout was higher than America has seen in at least 40 

Youth votes were particularly impressive. An estimated 24 million 
Americans ages 18-29 voted in this election. This number is a 2.2 million 
increase from the 2004 election. This makes the youth voter turnout for the 
2008 election between 49.3 and 54-5 percent. The youth vote proved to be 
crucial to Obama's victory. 68 percent of people ages 18-29 voted for 
Obama, while 30 percent voted for McCain. 

While the presidential election was monumental in record-breaking and 
new direction in America, the state initiatives also took strides towards a 
changed nation. In Massachusetts, 70 percent of voters chose not to cut 
the state income tax for Question 1. In Question 2, 65 percent of voters 
decided to decriminalize marijuana, making possession of small amounts of 
the illegal drug finable, but not a felony. For Question 3, Massachusetts 
residents voted 62 percent to abolish greyhound racing in the state. 

Other states shared similar results to those of Massachusetts. Michigan 
became the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana when they approved 
the measure by 63 percent on Nov. 4. In North Dakota, voters rejected an 
income tax initiative similar to Question 1 in Massachusetts. 

Same-sex couples were a matter of public interest as America watched 52.5 
percent of California pass Proposition 8, a measure repealing the right of 
same-sex couples to marry. Arkansas also passed a law that prohibits 
unmarried sexual partners from adopting children or serving as foster 
parents. This measure applies to opposite and same-sex couples. 

Text writen by Amanda Cross 


am a role model. I am responsible. I love who I am. I am loved. I am extraordinary. I am a team player. 1 

ALANA Nursing 

The Alliance 

Amnesty International 

First Row L-R: Kathleen Connolly, 
Charlene C. Hollins, Linda R. 
Poteau, Jacqueline C. Metjian. 

Front Row L-R: Kaitlyn Proto, 
Emma O'Brien. Second Row: 
Gillian Petrozziello, Aden 
Michaud, Emma Hryniewicz, Katie 
Lewis, Lee Dunn. Third Row: 
Michaela Peters, Caitlyn Paige, 
Deanna Ruth Malchman, Rachel 
Czubryt, Lila R. Menard. 

First Row L-R: Alison Godbout, 
Courtney Anderson, Claire 
Anagnostopolos Not Pictured: Ruta 


im the first choice! I am a sky diver. I am a Girl Scout. I am a good roommate. I am a Sox fan. I am a 


dreamer. I am intelligent. I am a mentor. I am not who you think. I am changing. I am a rock star. I am a 


inner. I am honest. I am a best friend. I am happy-go-lucky. I am from the Middle East. I am an intern. I 

First Row L-R: Kat McGhee, Sam 
Furbush, Ariel Hagan, Amanda 
Bowes, Cat Rojo. Not Pictured: 
Holly Paquette, Connie Chan, 
Rachel Heller. 

First Row L-R: Kinski Nastasia, 
Felicia Au, Kym Tran, Bonnie 
Nguyen, Toni Tran. Second Row: 
Regina Tayag, Sylvia Tran. 

Art & Music Liaison 

Asian Students Association 

Best Buddies 

Front Row R-L: Gabrielle Mahesh, 
Leah Derderian. Second Row: 
Marlenne Brown, Claire O'Connor. 
Third Row: Samantha Wheeler, 
Melissa Flynn, Rachel Nelson, 
Brenna DeCotis, Joanna Paolino, 
Sarah Finch. Also include: Some of 
the Buddies. Not Photographed: 
Daisy Ellisor. 


am in love with my dog. I am a freshman. I am the next American Idol. I am serious. I am a dancer. I am 

Biology Liaison 

C5 &b 

Front Row L-R: Shannon Browne, 
Leah Larned. Second Row: Daisy 
Ellisor, Cassandra Sailein, Bib 
Yang. Third Row: Alissa Engel, 
Randi Lite, Elisabeth Boucher, 
Joanna Hawryluk. 

Black Student Organization 

Campus Activities Board 

Front Row L-R: Kalima Knight, 
Asia Norton, Kenyora Johnson, 
Venchele Saint-Die, Mellap Muril 
Second Row: Deniece Washingtoi 
Nalani Brown, Valerie Duvelson, 
Shelly Saturne, Sabeta Jarba. 

Front Row L-R: Maura McCormacl 
Becky Jefferson. Second Row: Kati 
Burchman, Jessica Hauck, Kaitlynn 
Garon, Emily Carey. Not Pictured: 
Maura Millette. 


lerished. I am a writer. I am sweeter than Caroline. I am a bad driver. I am going to meet Oprah. I am 


daring to be different. I am a social butterfly. I am an advocate. I am in the city. I am making progress. I 


! i someone's biggest fan. I am polished. I am not who I was in high school. I am a leader. I am Polish. I 


First Row L-R: Jessica Haffner, 
Deborah Malamer, Cassandra 
Cacoq, Katelyn Thomas, Kabrina 
Dumas. Second Row: Amanda 
Maffa, Linda Tiang, Wendy Leung, 
Lauren Searls, Sarah Newsky, 
Deborah Bass. 

Front Row L-R: Jess Sayre-Scibona, 
Tetima Parnprome, Chrissie 
Cahalan, Sara Klemann, Annabelle 
Seow, Deanna Ruth Malchman. 
Second Row: Anna Spencer, Liz 
Pacl, Tanja Milojevic, Kristen 
jaques, Erin Carter, Alyssa Rizzo, 
Ellie Miller, Allison Hoffman, Liz 
Kennedy, Ronna Easton. Third 
Row: Laura Sevigny, Melissa 
Gavins, Charlotte Badler, Krista 
Bromley, Alycia Snell, Kalie 
Wilkerson, Michele Chamberlain. 

Chemisty /Physics Liaison 

Concert Chior 


proud of myself. I am worried. I am always talking. I am an artist. I am a an animal lover. I am not boring. ] 

Dix Scholars 

Front Row L-R: Jesse Hayward, 
Marty Elmore, Terry Downey, 
Dorothea Harris, Love Nickerson. 
Not Pictured: Ronna Easton, Toni 

Economics Liaison 

Front Row L-R: Elizabeth Donnell 
Rebecca Crosswaith, Maggie Riggs 
Elizabeth Mclntire, Lia Eddy. 

Girls' LEAP 

Front Row L-R: Kaitie Chakoian, 
Sabeta Jarba, Patsy Henderson. 


self-conscious. I am addicted to Panera Bread. I am a bit of a stalker. I am a tutor. I am prompt. I am a 


happy camper. I am moving on. I am supportive. I am all over the place. I am a crowd surfer. I am a goali 


ii j am in control. I am what you need. I am from the middle of nowhere. I am physically fit. I am part of the 

Gospel Choir 

Front Row R-L: Katie McGraves- 
Llyod, Libby Collins, Mimi Lopez, 
Charlene Hollins, Nicole Barrett, 
Sarah Gifford. Second Row: Beth 
Lynch, Kerline St. Fleur, Alison 
Creedon, Rachel King, Ashley 
Martin, Kristen Rucki, Sabeta Jarba, 
Amanda Grelha, Venchele Saint Die, 
Tapaz Williams, Yasmin Perez, Ari 
Napier. Not Pictured: Bethany 
Lunsford, Renee Mitson, Erin Carter. 


Front Row R-L: Juliana Ross, Heidi 
Morin, Molly Zhitnik, Rachel 
Heller, Dalia Cohen, Sarah Hewitt, 
Marisa Glick. Second Row: Jillian 
Cohn, Debbie Andler, Abigail 
Howes, Sharon Ramot, Katie Davis, 
Linda Jones, Back Row: Becca 
Brown, Rachel Westbrook-Fritz, 
Emma O'Brien, Caitlyn Paige, 
Hillel Director: Ailene Gerhardt 
Not Pictured: Nora Levy, Ashley 

International Multicultural Student Association 

Front Row: Ana Getiashvili, Marine 
Vallet. Second Row: Ananya Dave, 
Keti Khukhunashvili, Mercedes 
Barata, Jona Angjeli. 


solution. I am a hippie. I am a traveler. I am making headlines. I am at Bartol. I am unforgettable. I am 

ealous. I am a boogie boarder. I am creative. I am cold. I am hanging by a thread. I am forever young. I am 

Front Row L-R: Kara Messenger, 
Zaya Bold, Catherine Heller, Kassia 
Ware. Second Row: Jessica Yeich, 
Hugh Colaco. 

Margaret Yates Gerwin Investment Club 

Front Row L-R: Katie Poole, Nora 
Levy. Second Row: Stephanie 
Hunt, Mary Miles, Sam Furbush, 
Aden Michaud, and Sam Schenck. 

Front Row L-R: Alissa Engel, 
Marina Levkovich, Jamie Works. 
Second Row: Rachel Bleimemyer, 
Kelly Coughlan, Katie Murphy, 
Deanna Santanello. Not Pictured: 
Kathleen Mahoney. 

Microcosm Yearbook 

Physical Therapy Liaison 


better. I am a textaholic. I am inspiring. I am photogenic. I am out of here. I am a super heroine. I am goii 


ill places. I am a Scrabble champion. I am pahhking the cahh. I am keeping it together. I am not listening. 

Pre-Med Liaison 

Front Row L-R: Melanie Lampa, 
Olja Pulluqi, Jessica Lucas, Emily 
Doyon, Emily Bernard, Erica 
Boswell. Second Row: Katie 
McGraves-Lloyd, Gisela Bryan, 
Alison Inglis, Oksana Hradyska, 
Sara Valverde, Meghana Kamineni. 


1 "" ^ 

mm i 

■■■ 'WIBI si 

Bft raw - p iffl^p 

- ■■,:. 

•IB' _»M 

Political Science/International Relations Liaison 

First Row L-R: Jona Angjeli, Ana 
Vasquez, Second Row: Kit Dickey, 
Kristine Movalli, Mercedes Barata, 
Marine Vallet. 

Front Row L-R: Megan Renna, 
Jessica Ackley, Morgan 
McGillicuddy, Hillary Forbes. 

Psychology Liaison 


I am a pen pal. I am in college. I am the revolution. I am waiting on the world to change. I am entertaining. 


Simmons College Dance Company 

Simmons College Democrats 

First Row L-R: Amamda Gross, Liz 
Pacl, Grace Sisti. Not Pictured: 
Traci Farrell. 

Front Row L-R: Alison Boyle, Jacki( 
Weinand, Ashley Kaner, Sierra 
Connell, Allison LaVoie, Heather 
Gleason, Bridget Hanagan, Kaitie 
Chakoian. Second Row: Abbey 
Samsel, Megan Heber, Liz Balzano, 
Samantha Schenk, Natalia Sullivan 
Amanda Aicardi, Jess Ham, Brittan 
McDonald, AnnaMarie Sintetos. 
Third Row: Sarah Mack, Cara 
Mucci, Jenna Tinsley, Jessica 
Kowalski, Samantha Sapienti, 
Kendra Cocci, Katie Murphy, Kelly 
Coughlan, Courtney Paull. 

First Row L-R: Marine Vallet, Erin 
McGovern, Karen DeVincent 
Second Row: Kathlene Benner, 
Desirae Clark, Rebecca Crosswaith, 
Katie Hayden, Emily Michalakes, 
Samantha Raymond. 


am lost. I am not going to settle. I am suave. I am done. I am a copycat. I am the envy of all Red Sox fans. 

■B mm 


I am a country girl. I am Japanese. I am a work in progress. I am having a blast. I am cautious. I am falling 

Simmons College Republicans 

Simmons Islamic Society 

Front Row L-R: Ali Cavicchio, Jen 
Dovner. Second Row: Corie 
Whalen, Claudia Willett, Grace 
Cushing, Jocelin-Louise Engel. 

Front Row L-R: Shugufa Rasikh, 
Nashua Khalil, Natalia Galindo, 
Saba Chowdhry, Alicia Jamous, 
Zala Ibrahimi. Second Row: 
Shahida Roslan, Rahala Alam, 
Aqsa Ahktar, Salihah Ismail, and 
Mariam Jalalzada. 

The Simmons Voice 

Front Row L-R: Shannon Brown, 
Meredith Blake, Courtney 
Anderson, Carley Caldas, Kate 
McKendry, Ashley Haight. Second 
Row: Lucia Cordon, Cate Mazzola, 
Traci Farrell. 


isleep. I am being myself. I am a taking a chance. I am shy. I am Elle Woods. I am on the right track. I am 


a teacher's pet. I am standing up for what I believe in. I am appreciative. I am a designer. I am a cheesecai 


enthusiast. I am keeping my eye on the prize. I am unstoppable. I am a lot like my mom. I am a baker. I am 


Front Row L-R: Cassie O'Connor, 
Stephanie Kinlay, Hana Gilman, & 
Alissa Engel. Second Row: Lindsay 
Fawber, Liz Quercia, Becca 
Crosswaith, Jessica Thanos, Beth 
Cortez-Neavel, Laura O'Brien, 
Rachel Baumel. Not Pictured: Leigh 
Ann Mesiti. 

Stephanie Bitzas, Kate Johnson, 
Liz Menefee, Katie Mahoney, 
Antigoni Sinanis, Alana Clark, 
Sarah Hewitt, Annamarie 
Sintetos, Eliisa Zeno, Caroline 
Patenaude, Claudia Willett, 
Danielle Zuber, Gabrielle Rossetti, 
Liz Balzano, and Emma Lemire. 
Not Pictured: Meredith Blake, 
Emma Bisogno, Melissa 

Front Row L-R: Brittney Feldmeier, 
Kate Snell, Kate McKendry, Jennifer 
Boddy (Wheelock), Megan 
McCaughey, Maria Costigan, Emma 
Harrington. Second Row: Polyxeni 
Gudis, Stephanie Fisherman. Third 
Row: Caitlin Mazzola, Love Nickerson, 
Evie Ladd, Samantha Bodine, Eric 
Camire (Emmanuel), Kelly Canesi, 
Christine Lange, Alycia Snell, Laura 
Sevigny, Sabrina Mahmood. 

Strong Women Strong Girls 

Theatrical Society 

Photography courtesy of Megan McCaughey '09 


an Asian- American. I am on the Dean's list. I am honored. I am knowledgeable. I am loving life. I am a 

The Women's Center 

First Row L-R: Elizabeth Kinney, 
Professor Jo Trigilio, Emma 
O'Brien, Rachel Westbrook-Fritts, 
Elizabeth McCarthy, Amanda Do\ 
Deanna Ruth Maluhman. 


writer. I am a supporter. I am a lover. I am Irish. I an Greek-Orthodox. I am a collector. I am Italian. 

I am the SGA president* ♦ ♦ 

a letter from France Belizaire '09 

Class of 2009, 

Ok ladies, it's crazy but we made it! ! Who thought that the time would go so 
fast? I can still remember Orientation. The theme for our year was "Soaring to 
New Heights" and I believe that we have reached major heights in the years 
we have spent here. 

We will cross the stage as true Simmons Women prepared for the world ahead 
of us. Before you close this chapter in your life, remember: 

Your first class and how you felt getting your first syllabus I thought "dag, 
there's a lot to read;" 

Leaving Bartol, but not leaving the smell behind I had a bartol shirt LOL! 

Simmons Cup; 

Staying up late for that paper you should have done last week... I had a few of 

Every significant moment that contributed to your Simmons experience has 
made you the Simmons women that you are. 

I will remember this moment I sat down to write this letter to a group of 
powerful, dynamic, inspiring, intelligent, and charitable leaders of tomorrow. I 
am proud to stand with you and be among the greatness. Simmons will miss 
us, but we will make Simmons proud. 

Congratulations Class of 2009! ! ! ! ! 

France Belizaire 

Class of 2009 

SGA President 08- 09 


I am Buddist. I am African- American. I am having a stuffy nose. I am in love with snow. I am rocking the 

I am feasting*** 

Winter Wonderland & the Festival of Lights 

Simmons' Winter Wonderland and Festival of Lights 
took place this year on December 3. Winter Wonderland 
was held in Bartol Hall beginning at 5pm. The feast 
featured the popular prime rib and turkey main courses, 
as well as a variety of side dishes, including mashed 
potatoes, cranberry relish, stuffing, and green bean 
casserole, served by President Drinan and Jeff Stone. 
Desserts included apple crisp and chocolate cake. Bartol 
was truly a sight to behold, festooned with white 
snowflake decorations, and the furniture pushed back to 
create a larger serving area. While in past years Winter 
Wonderland has been an occasion for elaborate live 
entertainment, with crowds of people, this year's 
celebration reflected the mood of upcoming exams and 
the ongoing financial crisis of the country. The music 
was soft but cheery, piped out over the dining hall's 
sound system. The class of 2012 did an amazing job 
putting this all together. 

The Festival of Lights was preceded by residence hall 
decorating parties, and culminated with a gathering of 
students in Quadside, in the Smith Hall basement. 
Festival of Lights is always an opportunity for students to 
share their holiday traditions, and to learn about other 
winter holidays. This year was especially important, as 
students strove in the wake of campus hate crimes to find 
togetherness and work toward a more cohesive and 
supportive community. Congratulations to the 
upperclass women in Smith and Evans Hall 
(SMEVANS) who won the hall decorating contest! 


fote. I am weird and proud of it. I am proud of my identity. I am running on JavaCity. I am a hard worker. 


I am an insomniac. I am equal. I am the Fenway. I am jammin' on my guitar. I am Facebooking. I am a tutoij 


am dancing in my PJs. I am a role model. I am smiling. I am a shoulder to cry on. I am vegan. I am wow. 

I am putting on my dancing shoes*** 

The Simmons Soiree 

This year's Soiree took place at Fenway Park's 
State Street Pavilion on February 27th. The 
Simmons Soiree is a traditional Simmons 
event, and gives students a chance to spend a 
night on the town, dressed to the nines. 

As soon as tickets went on sale, students lined 
up at the student box office. They hoped to 
dance all night at the famous home of the Red 


With excitement running high, tickets sold out 
in record time: two days! 

The night of the Soiree, the residence halls 
were a-buzz with Simmons women and their 
dates searching for the perfect accessories for a 
night at Fenway Park. 

Outside of Simmons Hall, a red carpet lined 
the walkway to their trolley, making students 
stars for the night. 

At the park Simmons students and guests were 
able to dance and mingle with friends inside 
the pavilion. In addition, they had the 
opportunity to explore and walk around 
Fenway Park, making this an extra special 

Congratulations to the wonderful women of 
CAB, who put on an amazing night for the 
Simmons community! 


I am glutton-free. I am an actress. I am priceless. I am wonderful. I am amazing. I am uuber fantastic. I am e 

I am a vagina warrior* ♦♦ 

V-Day and the Vagina Monologues 

Vagina Monologues, written by Eve Ensler, is performed 
yearly around the world to help raise money and awareness 
to stop violence against women and girls. 

Each year the V-DAY campaign focuses on one place in 
the world to end the violence against women and girls, and 
this year the spotlight was on the Democratic Republic of 

This year's production of Vagina Monologues at Simmons 
College raised over $5000 through raffles, silent auctions, 
Vagina Monologues merchandise, vaginally- inspired deserts 
and snacks, and ticket sales. All of the proceeds were 
donated to the V-DAY campaign, a shelter in San Juan del 
Sur, Nicaragua, and The Womansplace Crisis Center in 
Brockton, Massachusetts. 

Co-directors: Leah Hanson, '09; Claire Moynihan, '09 

Cast: Melanie Black, '12; Shannon Browne; Kaitie 
Chakoian '09; Libby Collis, '12; Heather Concannon, '10; 
Helida Costa, '09; Katie- Ann DeFillippo, '10; Nina 
DeSimone, '12; Amy Eicher, '09; Lindsay Fawber, '09; 
Huda Fitaihi, '11; Sarah Herman, '09; Evie Ladd, '11; 
Megan McCaughey, '09; Molly McCown, '12; Kat 
McGhee, '09; Adele McKeon, '09 Graduate student; Emma 
O'Brien, '12; Tara O'Brien, '12; Gillian Petrozziello, '09; 
Katie Poole ' 10; Kaitlyn Proto, '09; Carisa Weaver ' 1 1 


Siren. I am making memories. I am a Peer Educator. I am at Floor Snacks. I am competitive. I am futuristic. 


116: 1 am energetic 
— 118: 1 am strong 
120: I am a scholar 

122: 1 am a team player 

I am a student athlete 

I am pushing past people's expectations. I am a creator. I am the captain. I am an all-star. I am family. I am 
















Simmons Athletics 

Field Hockey 

Mary Simeoli* 12 
Kara Masse '11 
Caitlin Sweeney '12 
Sasha Reilly '12 
Christine Lowery '11 
Nicole Morrison '12 
Lee Sutherland '12 
Kayla Afonso '11 
Melanie Black '12 
Katie Bonney '09 
Emily Sypher '10 
Maggie Weeks '12 
Emily Sypher '10 
Jen Szkolt '10 

Head Coach: Kate Leonard, first year 
Assistant Coach: Natasha Snowden, second year 
Captains: Katie Bonney, Maggie Weeks 

Simmons Athletics 1 



Ashley Wheeler '12 


Kelly Muirhead '10 


Amanda Walke '12 


Allie Megna *11 


Brittany Staszowski '11 


Liz Leonard '10 


Natalie Stever '11 


Kate Avery '11 


Anna Stella '11 



Brooke MacKenzie '11 
Anya Bottaro '11 


Sarah Danforth '09 



Meghan Cote '12 


Kelley Saucier '11 


Emily DiNuovo '10 


Lindsey Butler '11 


Katie Foley * 11 


Rachel Elliott '10 


Jenn Kmietek '10 

23. Heather Lowe '09 
Head Coach: Erica Mastrogiacomo, third year 

Assistant Coach: Caitlin Schimmel & Lynn Gugliuzza 

Captains: Sarah Danforth, Rachel Elliott, Emily DiNuovo 


never giving up- I am lovely. I am different. I am addicted to music. I am now waiting for the E train. I am 

Simmons Athletics 

Simmons Athletics 


Samantha Bodine '11 

Jordan Borash '10 

Caitlin Emond '11 


Dominika Hudcova '10 

Stacey Kohan '09 

Athena Lynch '12 

Maile Macleod '11 

Liza Pope '12 

Hannah Rittershaus '12 

Maggie Taylor '12 

Head Coach: Bob Rauseo, fourth year 

Assistant Coach: Alex Yudelevich, first year 

Captains: Jordan Borash, Stacey Kohan 



Jessica Hambleton '10 


Amanda Weaver '10 

| 3. 

Candy ce Arena '10 


Nicky Loring '11 


Rosie Ferreira '12 


Kate Fionte '12 


Chelsea Smith '11 


Victoria Moran '11 




Taylor Pederson '11 


Shamika Johnson '11 


Sara Stewart '12 


Krista Evans '12 


Ashley Hiniker '12 

Head Coach: Jason Conetta, second year 

Assistant Coach: Michele Naughton, first year 

Manager: Raya Abi-Rafeh, Rachel Warden 


:ains: Candyce Arena, Jessica Hambleton 


a busy bee. I am impacting others. I am fashionable. I am real. I am a junior. I am fierce. I am who I am. 
















© Sports Pix 

Simmons Athletics 


Jessica Thomas '12 

Aubree Giarrosso '10 

Julia King '10 

Julianna Eagles '10 

Jamie Liberty '10 

Alex Acloque '12 

Steph Murray '11 

Liane Lantagne '11 

Brittany Langford '12 

Morgan Johnson '11 

Sarah Clayton '09 

Lauren Kreckie '09 

Christina Cavagnaro '12 

Stephanie Fox '10 

Jordan Manchester '12 

Head Coach: Tony Price, ninth year 

Assistant Coach: Kate Vlahakis & Shannon Clark 

Basketball Coaching Intern: Danielle Gravely 

Manager: Cheyney McKnight 

Captains: Sarah Clayton '09, Lauren Kreckie '09, 
Julianna Eagles '10 

Swimming &c Diving 

Keri-Ann Arsenault '09 

Stephanie Bitzas '12 

Erica Boswell '09 

Meredith Carney '10 

Abigail Delahanty '10 

Amanda Dirksmeier '10 

Jennifer Erviti '09 

Julia Herman '09 

Lauren Hutchinson '12 

Chennelle Jackson '11 

Hannah McQuillan '11 

Julia Anne Morrison '09 

Heather O'Connell '10 

Katherine O'Dowd '12 

Maria Pantelis '11 

Alyssa Rizzo '12 

Brittany Torelli '10 

Caitlin Urciuoli '10 

Meredith Wish '11 

Head Coach: Mindy Williams, first year 

Diving Coach: Erin Rowe & Asst. Coach: Christina 

Captains: Keri-Ann Arsenault, Julia Morrison 


I am imaginative. I am a caretaker. I am deep. I am excited. I am bold. I am able to say "No." I am studious. 

Simmons Athletics 


Laura Applin '12 

Lia Arnzen 12 

Caitlin Britton '11 

Rebecca Brown '12 

Julia Burns '11 

Julianne Davis '10 

Amanda DeRosa '11 

Melissa DeRosa '11 

Jessica Dowler '12 

Jennifer DuBois '09 

i Alisa Espinal'10 

Kellianne Flanagan '12 

Rachel Franchi '09 

Nicole Gallant '10 

Katie Garland '11 

Emily Hagens '11 

Megan Heber '12 

Lauren Johnson '11 

Michaela Kachadoorian 

'12 Sara Keyser '11 

Jennifer Lenihan '12 

Mary Lovell '12 

Diane McKiernan '12 

Amanda Milad '11 

Kathryn Mitchell '12 

Beth Olney '12 

Elizabeth Pattison '09 

Moira Quinn '11 

Kat Riley '11 

Stephanie Rubinstein '10 

Lauren Searls '09 

Amanda Taylor '11 

Caitlin Urciuoli '10 Taylor VanderWoude '12 

Jessica Weber '12 

| Head Coach: Nik Kurmako, fifteenth year 

Novice Coach: Naomi Rudov, second year 

Captains: Rachel Franchi, Sara Keyser, Nicole Gallant 


addict. I am substance-free. I am an overachiever. I am beautiful. I am a diva. I am a talker. I am a gardener. 

wrinnnnn r n i rti rti 

Davor Photography 


[ am extroverted. I am a Dix Scholar. I am an American. I am agnostic. I am a success. I am gracious. I 



Annie Tran 


- 121 

I am a designer. I am liberal. I am American. I am a teacher. I am curious. I am creative. I am colorful. 

Simmons Athletics 

Davor Photography 


[ am a Bartol diner. I am a shopaholic. I am a realist. I am listening. I am here. I am not you. I am straight. 

Davor Photography 

Simmons Athletics 


126: 1 am memory 
140: 1 am pictured 
144: 1 am thankful 

I am smiling 

Christina Gancarz, RN 


We are so proud of you and all of 

your wonderful friends! 


Mom & Dad Gancarz & John 

(Willy and Otis too!) 

Catafona Lee Rffi 



We always knew 

you were going to 

be a star! 


Mom and Dad 

Laura Thompson 

These past four years 
have been hard work, 
but you did a great. We 
are so proud of you! 


Mom, Dad & Drew 

Krista Bromley 

You're our sweet bela 
menina who has become 
a beautiful young woman 
with many talents. Your 
singing captures our 
ears and hearts. 

Congratulations on your 
Bachelor's in Nursing. We 
are all so proud of you! - 
Your integrity, hard work, 
commitment, and concern 
for others will make you a 
stellar nurse! 

-All our love forever and 
always - Mom, Dad, Alex, 
Eric and Vovo. 

p.s. How much do I love you? - Mom 


Lauren Dalton 

While we try to teach 

children all about life, 

children teach us what 

life is all about. 

-Angela Schwindt 

When the student is ready, the 
teacher will appear. 
-Buddhist proverb 

Congratulations, Lauren! 

Simmons has fueled your passions. 

We love you, 

Kate & Kara, Mom & Dad 

Hannah Owens-Pike 

Your commitment to your studies and your 
calling as a nurse is inspiring. We are very proud 
of you. 
Love Mom, Dad & Natalie 

Samantha Furbush 

SAF Sister, angler, traveler, roofer, fan, artist, 

musician, tutor, athlete, framer, photographer, 

editor, baker, daughter. Im so proud of all you've 

done and the woman you've become. As for you: 

future "Live! Live! Life is a banquet..." 



Lauren Kreckie 

Dear Lauren, 

You have reached for the stars and achieved many outstanding accomplishmnts. We 

witnessed a pretty, smart, young girl grow into a beautiful, strong, smart, young woman. 

You continue to strive to do your best and live life right and just. We are so humbled 

and proud. Thanks for being who you are, for the joy you. bring and the love you give. 

Congratulations on your degree! Go Sharks! 


Mom, Dad and Shawn 

Maria Zaman 

Dear Maria, 

You have traveled far and beyond our 
expectations, and we have seen you 
evolve into a vibrant young woman. By 
having achieved so much you have 
already succeeded in our eyes. We wish 
you an equal if not better future once 
you leave and step into a new venture. 

Love Mom and Dad 


Congratulations Hannah Morrow! 

From horseback riding to being a chef to riding a motor bike 

to world travel — to graduating from college — you've 

done a lot!! We can't wait to see what comes next. 

Wishing you many interesting, exciting and happy 


Love, Dad and Mo 

Jennifer Beth Dovner 

y &u are an amazing pemn, 
cmnpaMonate and titf&t&genti 
graducUfon (r&m Simmonkf Vm 
With ait &( mr twe farem 

'p, Mm and Dad 

Dear Liz: 

You have grown from a beautiful baby we held so lovingly so many years ago to a beautiful young woman 

both inside and out. The years of watching you participate in ballet, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, softball 

and hockey have gone by so quickly, but no matter what you were doing the joy was simply watching 

you. We have watched your growing independence and hard work at Simmons. We are so proud of your 

accomplishments. We love you and are proud to call you our daughter. 


Mom and Dad 





Jona Angjeli 


Elizabeth Kennerley 

Dear Elizabeth, 

You have shown us all what hard work, dedication and believing in oneself can do. You are truly 
amazing! Congratulations on your graduation from Simmons. As you continue to pursue your 
dreams and build your life, know that we support you.. .and love you. 

Mom and Dad 

Congratulation Class of 2009 

From the Microcosm 




■::■ -■ ■■: ;Wi ,:;:-:■■■ 


. * '» 




_ -" 







I am pictured... 

Photograph Index 


Ackley, Jessica 34 

Adams, Chantel 34, 70 

Adrien, Christelle 34 

Ahktar, Aqsa 102 

Ahsan, ShahrirMO 

Aicardi, Amanda 4, 34, 74, 100 

Al-Dabal, Kholoud 34 

Al-Faddagh, Suhad 34 

Alam, Rahala 32, 34, 102, 124 

Alsweilem, Maha 34 

Alviti, Vanessa 34 

Anagnostopolos, Clair 84 

Anderson, Courtney 11, 34, 84, 102 

Anderson, Kirstin 34 

Angjeli, Jona 34, 99, 130 

Angus, Davina 89 

Archambault, Brett 31, 34 

Arevalo, Alyssa 34 

Arrindel, Natori 89 

Arsenault, Keri-Ann 34 

Au, Felicia 34 

Auyeung, Tammy 34 


Badler, Charlotte 74, 81,91 

Bailey, Gary 11 

Ballester, Karolina 34 

Balzano, Liz 100, 105 

Bamikole, Beatrice 34 

Barata Larregola, Mercedes 34, 99 

Barker, Katie 5, 74 

Barnicle, Ellen 35 

Barrett, Caitlin 35 

Barrett, Nicole 95 

Bass, Deborah 35, 91 

Baumel, Rachel 105 

Bea, Celeste 35 

Beaudoin, Kristy 4, 35, 74 

Bee, Toni 93 

Belizaire, France 9, 35 

Benner, KathlenelOO 

Benvenuto, Melissa 105 

Bernard, Emily 99 

Bernick, Peter 70 

Bert, Melissa 70 

Bertin, Sarah 35, 139 

Beth Dovner, Jennifer 129 

Bisogno, Emma 105 

Bittner, Cecelia 35, 138, 139 

Bitzas, Stephanie 105 

Black, Brienne 58 

Blake, Meredith 70, 102 

Bleimemyer, Rachel 97 

Bleimeyer, Michelle 35 

Bold, zaya 97 
Boltrushek, Ashley 70 
Bonney, Katie 35 
Boswell, Erica 35, 99 
Boucher, Elisabeth 88 
Boudreau, Adrienne 35 
Bowes, Amanda 35, 87 
Boyle, Alison 100 
Brinchman, Keely35 
Bromley, Krista 4, 35, 74, 91, 126 
Brooks, Katherine 70 
Brown, Dawne 35 
Brown, Marlenne 87 
Brown, Nalani 88 
Brown, Rebecca 35 
Brown, Shannon 35, 102 
Browne, Shannon 88 
Bryan, Cisela 99 
Bryan-Brown, Amanda 35 
Buddies, Best 86 
Buell, Elisabeth 35 
Burchman, Katie 88 
Burns, Catherine 36 
Burrows, Sarah 20, 21 
Bushway, Hannah 36 
Bussell, Corie 36 

Cacoq, Cassandra 91 
Cadet, Sergina 70 
Cahalan, Chrissie 91 
Caldas, Carleyl02 
Cameron, Stephanie 36, 70 
Carey, Emily 88 
Carroll, Crystal 70 
Carter, Erin 91 
Cassidy, Brittany 36, 133 
Castonguay, Lisa 36 
Caulfield, Kaitlin 36 
Cavanaugh, catrina 36, 133, 136, 
Cavicchio, Alison 74, 102 
Chaggaris, Alyssa 36 
Chaisson, Christine 36 
Chakoian, Kaitlin 4, 36, 74, 92, 100 
Chamberlain, Michele9l 
Chenard, Nicole 36 
Chowdhry, Saba 102 
Christian, Allina 36 
Chudd, Susan 69 
Chy, Sharon 36 
Clark, Alana 105 
Clark, Desirae 100 
Clayton, Sarah 36 
Cocci, Kendra 100 
Colaco, Hugh 97 
Collette, Jessica 36 
Collins, Libby 95, 114 
Colonna, Allison 2 
Como, Michele 36, 136 
Concannon, Heather 2, 68, 74, 115 
Connell, Sierra 70, 100 
Connolly, Kathleen 36, 84 
Conroy, Joanna 66 

Conti, Amy 36 
Cordon, Lucia 36, 102 
Cordova, Ana 37 
Cortez-Neavel, Elizabeth 37, 105 
Costa, Helida 37 
Cottone, Danielle 37 
Coughlan, Kelly 37, 97, 100 
Creedon, Alison 95 
Cross Whitaker, Kelsey 74 
Crosswaith, Rebecca 74, 92, 100, 105 
Crowell, Emily 74 
Cummings, Catharine 37 
Cushing, Grace 102 
Czubryt, Rachel 84 

Dalton, Lauren 37, 127 

Damrell, Freya 37 

Danforth, Sarah 37 

Daniels, Kelly 37 

De Porte, Maia 37 

Decotis, Brenna 29, 37, 87 

Defillipo, Katie-Ann 70, 71 

Derderian, Leah 69, 87 

DeRosa, Amanda 125 

DeRosa, Melisa 125 

Desrochers, Hannah 37 

Dethchan-Manibusan, Maneth 37 

Devincent, Karen 100 

Devito, Jenna 37 

Diaz, Ary 37 

Diaz, Rocio 37 

Dickey, Katherine 37, 99 

DiGiandomenico, Gabi 37, 74 

DiGiovine, Jennifer 133 

Dolan, Dona 26 

Donnelly, Elizabeth 92 

Doran, Laura 37 

Douglas, Lindsay 38 

Dovner, Jennifer 38, 102 

Dow, Amanda 106 

Downes-Berry, Meaghan 38 

Downey, Terry 92 

Doyon, Emily 99 

Dress, Melissa 38 

Drinan, Helen 9, 26, 51, 109 

Dubois, Jennifer 38 

Dubois, Sasha 89 

Dumas, Kabrina 91 

Dumont, Rebecca 38, 89 

Dunn, Colleen 70 

Dunn, Lee 84 

Duong, Lan 38 

Duvelson, Valerie 9, 88 

Easton, Ronna91,93 
Eddy, Lia 92 
Eicher, Amy 38 


Ellisor, Daisy 70, 88 

Elmore, Marty 92 

Engel, Alison 38 

Engel, Alissa 38, 88, 97, 105 

Engel, Jocelin-Louise 38, 102, 134 

Erviti, Jennifer 38 

Eugene, Yoldy 38 

Faria, Jessica 38 

Farrell, Traci 38, 52, 102 

Faticoni, Kaitlin 70 

Faulk, Jessica 67, 70 

Faulkner, Sarah 74 

Fawber, Lindsay 38, 105 

Field, Nicole 68, 70 

Finch, Sarah 87 

Floyd, Maryum 38 

Flynn, Melissa 87 

Foley, Amy 38 

Foley, Micaela 38 

Forbes, Hillary 38, 74 

Foster, Valerie 66 

Fox, Jennifer 39, 74 

Fragale, Ava 39 

Franchi, Rachel 39 

Fraser, Brittany 9 

Furbush, Samantha 4, 39, 68, 74, 87, 133 

Caglio, Whitney 39 
Galindo, Natalia 102 
Cancarz, Christina 39, 126 
Garcia, Rebecca 70 
Garner, Kealyn 57, 86 
Garon, Kaitlynn 88 
Gavins, Melissa 91 
Gay, Marie 39 
Getiashvili, Ana 39 
Gidwani, Monali 39 
Gifford, Sarah 95 
Gilman, Hana 105 
Gleason, Heather 100 
Glick, Marisa 39, 50, 52, 53 
Godbout, Alison 84 
Gordod, Chelsea 75 
Gordon, Jennifer 39 
Goudreau, Amy 39 
Gould, Amanda 75 
Grancez, Christina 132, 133 
Grant, Ryan 70, 71 
Greenberg, Aliza 67, 71 
Grelha, Amanda 94, 95 
Griffin, Pamela 4, 39, 74, 132 
Gross, Amamda 100 
Gulens-Grava, Zinta 39 
Gwinn, Shannon 39 



Haffner, Jessica 39, 91 
Hagan, Ariel 39, 87, 135 
Haight, Ashley 102 
Hall, Smith 108, 109 
Halpin, Erin 39 
Ham, Jessica 73, 100 
Hamelin, Elysia 74 
Hamlin, Caroline 75 
Hanagan, Bridget 39, 100 
Hanni, Margaret 20 
Hanson, Leah 39 
Harris, Dorothea 92 
Harrow, Amanda 40 
Haskin, Jessica 40 
Haslam, Sara 40 
Hassard, Sara 40 
Hastings, Caitriona 40 
Hastings, Carolyn 40 
Hauck, Jessica 88 
Hawryluk, Joanna 88 
Hayden, Katie 100 
Hayward, Jesse 92 
Heber, Megan 100 
Heller, Catherine 40, 97 
Henderson, Patsy 92 
Hendrickson, Elthea 40 
Herman, Julia 40 
Hewitt, Sarah 58, 105 
Hipschman, Lauren 40 
Hobler, Alessandra 40 
Hoffman, Allison 91 
Hogan, Hillary 40 
Hollins, Charlene 40, 52, 84, 95 
Hora, Courtney 40 
Hotte, Jocelyn 40 
Hoyt, Sarah 40 
Hradyska, Oksana 99 
Hryniewicz, Emma 84 
Hunt, Stephanie 81 
Hurley, Eileen 74 
Hussain, Laila 40 
Hyde, Shelaigh 9, 72, 81 
Hynes, Leslie Ann 6, 7, 74 

ibrahimi, Zala 102 

inglis, Alison 99 

Ismail, Salihah 40, 102, 124 


Jalalzada, Mariam 40, 102 
Jamous, Alicia 102 
Jaques, Kristen 91 
Jarba, Sabeta 88, 92, 95 
Jefferson, Becky 88 
Johnson, Kate 105 
Johnson, Kenyora 72, 88 
Johnson, Leah 40 

Kamineni, Meghana 70, 99 

Kaner, Ashley 100 

Kania, Ingrid 41 

Kaufman, Robin 41 

Keller, Emily 41, 139 

Kennerley, Elizabeth 41, 91 

Kenney, Meghan 41 

Khalil, Nashua 102 

Khalil, Sarah 41, 103 

Khukhunashvili, Ketevan 41 

Kiacolai, Tara 41 

King, Julia 89 

King, Rachel 95 

Kinlay, Stephanie 105 

Kinney, Elizabeth 106 

Kirk, Katelyn 75 

Kitchel, Alicia 74 

Klemann, Sara 91 

Knight, Kalima 88 

Koegler, Alison 41 

Kohan, Stacey4l, 114 

Kowalski, Jessica 4, 32, 41, 51, 68, 74, 100 

Kreckie, Lauren 41 

Lampa, Melanie 99 
Larned, Leah 88 
Larri, Anastasia 20 
Larsen, Takara 70, 71 
LaVoie, Allison 100 
Le, Chaukimberly4l 
Leduc, Brianne 41 
Lemire, Emma 70, 71 
Lenis, Christina 41, 55 
Lesse, Tenille 41 
Leung, Wendy 41, 91 
Levkovich, Marina 41, 97 
Lewis, Katie 84 
Lewis, Sarah 41 
Lifvergren, Annie 70 
Lights, Festival of 108, 109 
Lite, Randi 88 
Livfergren, Anna 71 
Lochard, Alicia 9, 70, 72 
Lopes, Necy 9, 70, 72, 
Lopez, Mimi 95 
Loungs, Shavel4l, 70 
Lowe, Heather 42 
Lucas, Jessica 99 
Lucien, Darline 42 
Ludovissy, Sara 42 
Lunsford, Bethany 42 
Lynch, Beth 95 
Lynk-Wartman, Katie 70 


MacAulay, Vanessa 132, 136, 
Mack, Sarah 74, 100 
Mackie, Crystal 42 


Photograph Index Continued 

Maffa, Amanda 91 
Mahesh, Gabrielle87 
Mahoney, Katie 105 
Malamer, Deborah 91 
Malchman, Deanna Ruth 84, 91 
Manchester, Jordan 75 
Manning, Emily 75 
Marden, Nicole 42 
Mardin, Kathryn 42 
Marshall, Elise 42 
Martin, Ashley 95 
Mason, Johnnie H 125 
Mavrides-Rogers, Julia 134 
Mavroides, Jessica 42 
Mazalan, Susan 42 
Mazzola, Caitlin 57, 102 
McCarthy, Elizabeth 106 
McCaughey, Megan 42 
McCormack, Maura 88 
McCue, Sarah 42, 70 
McDonald, Brittany 100 
McDonald, Eileen 42 
McFadden, Kathleen 42 
McGhee, Kathryn 42, 52, 87 
McCillicuddy, Morgan 42 
McCovern, Erin 100 
McCraves-Lloyd, Katie 99 
McCraves-Llyod, Katie 95 
Mclntire, Elizabeth 92 
McKendry, Kathleen 42, 102 
Mckiernan, Diane 75 
McKnight, Cheyey 5 
Mell-Williams, Camille75 
Menard, Lila 84 
Menefee, Elizabeth 42, 70 
Menefee, Liz 105 
Messenger, Kara 42, 97 
Metjian, Jacqueline 42, 132 
Metjian., Jacqueline 84 
Michalakes, Emily 100 
Michaud, Aden 56, 84 
Mikell, Marisha 43, 55 
Miller, Elianna 43, 91 
Milojevic, Tanja 91 
Mimno, Jacqui 58 
Minotas, Ruta 70 
Mitchell, Tara 43 
Mohamed, Shaida 43 
Montgomery-Murphy, Kyle 75 
Moody, Laura 43 
Mooers, Amanda 43 
Morin, Heidi 70, 71 
Morrison, Julia Anne 43, 133 
Morrow, Hannah 43, 129 
Morton, Michelle 43 
Mosco, Martha 43 
Moskwa, Ashlee43 
Movalli, Kristine 43, 99 
Mucci, Cara 100 
Munnlyn, Shavonne43 
Munoz, Melina43 
Murila, Mellap74, 88 
Murphy, Kathryn 43, 97, 100 
Murphy, Shelia 66 
Mutchler, Katherine 70 



Napier, Arianne 74, 95 
Nastasia, Bessie 43 
Natario, Elaina 6 
Natasia, Kinski 55 
Neil, Sarah 66 
Nelson, Rachel 43, 87 
Newaz, Nabila 43 
Newsky, Sarah 74, 91 
Nickerson, Love 92 
Norris, Cherrelle 43 
Norton, Asia 56, 88 


O'Brien, Barbara 2 
O'Brien, Emma 84, 106, 124 
O'Brien, Laura 105 
O'Connor, Cassie 104 
O'Connor, Claire 43, 71, 87 
O'Connor, Erin 69 
O'Neil, Caitlin 74 
Ohnemus, Janine44 
Otero, Carla 73 
Owens-Pike, Hannah 44, 127 

Pad, Elisabeth 44, 91,100 

Padowitz, Caryn 44 

Paige, Caitlyn 84 

Paolino, Joanna 87 

Paquette, Holly 86 

Paradise, Juliane 44 

Pamprome, Tetima 91 

Pasqualucci, Amy 44 

Passanisi, Lynne 74 

Patenaude, Caroline 105 

Pattison, Elizabeth 44 

Paull, Courtney 100 

Pazar, Allison 74 

Pecora, Cristine 44 

Perez, Yasmin 44, 95, 132, 135, 136 

Peters, Michaela 84 

Peterson, Christine 44 

Petrozziello, Gillian 44, 84 

Pettit, Ashley 44 

Picard, Colleen 70, 71 

Piracha, Amal 44 

Pollock, Jillian 44 

Poole, Katherline 28 

Poteau, Linda 44, 52, 84 

Proto, Kaitlyn 44, 84 

Pulluqi, Olja 99 


Ranjit, Kavetha 44 
Raymond, Samantha 100 
Retmier, Quinn 70 
Riggs, Maggie 92 
Rizzo, Alyssa 91 
Rocheleau, Rebecca 75 
Roether, Lauren 44 
Rogalski, Caroline 44 
Rogers, Vaughn 44 
Rojo, Catalina 45, 87 
Roslan, Shahida 102 
Ross, Juliana 81 
Ross, Victoria 74 
Rossetti, Cabrielle 70, 105 
Rothweiler, Annie 45, 74 
Ruane, Erica 86 
Rucki, Kristen 95 
Russo, Jasmine 45 

Sailein, Cassandra 88 
Saint-Die, venchele 88, 95 
Saldana, Daniela 45 
Sambuco, Elizabeth 45, 129 
Samsel, Abigail 45, 100 
Sanieoff, Roya 45, 50 
Santanello, Deanna 97 
Sapienti, Samantha 100 
Sar, Sopheak 45 
Saturne, Shelly 88 
Sayre-Scibona, Jess 91 
Schenk, Samantha 100 
Schlosser, Jennifer 2, 45 
Schwarz, Elisabeth 45 
Scott, Elizabeth 20 
Searls, Lauren 45, 52, 91 
Seow, Annabelle 90, 
Sevigny, Laura 91 
Shapiro-Cordon, Perri 66 
Shaw, Lily 45 
Shea, Ashley 45 
Shea, Catherine 10, 45 
Sherry, Anna 45, 136 
Siegel Howe, Kavita 45 
Simeoli, Ann 45 
Sinanis, Antigoni45, 105 
Sintetos, AnnaMarie 73, 100, 105 
Sisti, Grace 100 
Slocum, Emily 45 
Small, Hannah 45 
Small, Katharine 46 
Smialek, Jennifer 67, 70 
Smith, Samantha 46 
Smith-McQueenie, Lisa 66 
Snell, Alycia 91 
Sousa, Priscila 46 

Quercia, Liz 105 


Souza, Katelyn 46 
Souza, Kristen 46 
Spencer, Anna 91 
Spurr, Sarah 46, 70 
StFleur, Kerline 95 
Stefanopoulos, Eleni 46 
Subash, Priyanka 46 
Sullivan, Natalia 100 
Svirsky, Larisa 46, 52 
Swan, Courtney 46 
Swanson, Katherine 46 
Sweet, Courtney 46 

Zahid, Rasha 47 
Zahran, Mariyam 47 
Zaman, Maria 32, 47, 128 
zeiner, Christine 47 
Zengilowski, Heather 47 
Zeno, Eliisa 105 
Zhao, Hui Min 47 
Zorn, Erica 47 
Zuber, Danielle 47, 70, 105 

Terra, Helen 46 
Tetreault, Yvette 46 
Thanos, Jessica 105 
Thomas, Katelyn 91 
Thompson, Laura 46, 126 
Tiang, Linda 91 
Tinsley, JennalOO 
Trigilio, Jo 106 


vallet, Marine 46, 99, 100 
Valverde, Sara 99 
Vasquez, Ana 46, 99 
Vaughan, Elizabeth 46 
Viera, Amie 70 
Vital, Michelle 67, 69 


wachter, Sarah 46 
Walke, Amanda 75 
Wang, Tiffany 46 
Ward, Jocelyn 47 
Ware, Kassia 6, 7, 20, 47, 97 
Washington, Deniece 88 
Weaver, Carisa 7, 68, 74 
Weinand, Jackie 100 
Wescott, Allison 47 
Westbrook-Fritts, Rachel 106 
Whalen, Corie 102 
Wheeler, samantha 87 
White, Bob 109 
Wilkerson, Kalie 91 
Willett, Claudia 102, 105 
Willetts, Katherine 47 
Williams, Tapaz 95 
Wilmot, Amber 68, 70 
Wood, Elyse 75 
Wood, Julie 47 
Works, Jamie 97 

Yancey, Ashley 47 
Yang, Bib 88 
Yeich, Jessica 47, 97 


I am an angler. I am not alone. I am real. I am not lazy. I am a doer. I am a football fan. I am thankful 

I am thankful... 

a note of thanks from the Editor-in-Chief 

This is the 99th edition of the Simmons College Microcosm Yearbook, and I am thankful to be 
part of this tradition. Since 1910, The Microcosm has chronicled the lives of Simmons 
students and I hav been able to dive through all of these editions with the help of the Archives. 
The Archives have been a tremendous help and I would like to thank them for their continued 
support of the yearbook over the years. If you ever get the chance, visit the Archives office on 
the second floor of Beatley Library, it is always a rewarding experience. 

I would like to specifically thank Susan, Tom, and Caren for whose advice and support has 
helped me through all fours years at Simmons. Nora, you rock! Thank you for all of your hard 
work and patience with me; I will miss you next year. The members of the Voice, especially 
Traci, Shannon, and Meredith: thank you for your writers and making the Publications Suite 
the happening place to be. And to everyone who donated their time and skills: I love you! 

To the Class of 2009, we have finally made it! Thank you for all of your help, time, photos, 
and support. As you go out into the world, remember that we are all family and that even 
though we have left campus, we will always have a special connection that ties us together: We 
are Simmons. 


Sam Furbush '09 

The 2009 Microcosm Yearbook of Simmons College was created by a student staff and printed by Jostens Publishing Company. Our Simmons 
staff advisor was Susan Chudd, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Activities. Our Jostens representative was Tom Keeley, and our 
publishing consultant was Alyssa Murray. All of these pages were designed on Jostens' Yearbook Avenue online program and were submitted 
electronically. The headline, sub-headline, and copy font was Goudy Old Style, and the pages numbers were in Times. Davor Photography, of 
Herff Jones, shot all of the senior portraits and candids where stated. The 2009 Microcosm had a press run of 250 copies, and was sold for $40- 
$50 depending on the time of year. The Microcosm has been the official yearbook of Simmons College since 1910. 
Editorial content of the yearbook does not necessarily reflect the views of Simmons College. 
Address inquiries to: Editor-in-Chief, Microcosm Yearbook c/o Simmons College, 300 The Fenway, Boston MA 021 15.